Gsparx Sdn Bhd

Green Energy Solution Provider

As a green energy solution provider, we offer end to end solutions from consultation, installation, maintenance, and monitoring with zero-upfront investments from the client

Experts in renewable energy, we are currently at the forefront of solar energy in the country. 

We are an organization that is constantly evolving to bring to you the latest technology and green solutions for the betterment of our future generation.

We are committed to sustaining and preserving mother nature to the best of our abilities with the latest trends in technology.

We are constantly finding ways to add value and savings for our customers and clients.



Expect seamless project execution and maintenance with expertise from our parent company, TNB. Gsparx ensures product reliability for the long run.

With TNB having more than 60 years of experience in the power industry, be rest assured that our coverage and services is all over Malaysia. We have a total installed capacity of 123MW from LSS1 and LSS2.

Financial Strength
When it comes to major investments, Gsparx has the financial muscle for it. We have among of the most capable industry and commercial partners for a long period of time.

Gsparx takes energy sustainability and technology very seriously. We fully support the Smart City concept – Implementation of the Smart Grid system, integration of renewable energy, and better energy management.



Green Energy Solution Provider



Company address

31st Floor, PJX HM-Shah Tower No.16A, Persiaran Barat , Petaling Jaya Selangor 46050