Smart Grocery Management System

Groliste connects you to the food, the supplier, the producer, the land, the water, the farmer, the economic impact and your individual contribution to the society. Groliste intends to connect you right to the source and feel the importance of food. It intends to solve one of the biggest global problems of food waste, its impact on the society whether its economic, social, climate or resources related. It intends to bring value for small change your household can deliver.


Groliste came from an idea In 2016 French passed a law specifically on food waste, in that it prohibits food waste by supermarkets throwing away or destroying unsold food and forcing them instead to donate it to charities and food banks.

Groliste is smart grocery management system which lets you develop through a smart APP a system where you manage your grocery which includes food and other pantry items. It educates you by letting you know what you are holding, what you can cook, what is going to expire or nearing its use by date and what you need to buy when you are meal planning. With little help from you it fixes your meals and plan this for you. With a touch of button you are able to generate a smart grocery list which updates your virtual pantry in real time, stop you from buying the same item twice and warns you when item is nearing expiration.

Groliste is not end-all be-all, it needs you, it needs you to navigate, it needs you to feel that you are making a change in your society, you are assisting your resources and you are saving yourself money spent that could be spent otherwise.

Groliste supports Australian Government strategy towards halving the food waste by 2030. It also supports United Nations move for #ZeroHunger by 2030.

Groliste is ready and something big is coming!!


Smart Grocery Management System



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