Networked street lights

gridComm makes Smart Cities Smarter with networked street lights and then uses that network to connect IoT sensors throughout the city. Simply open the street light door. Install a gridComm controller. Do this 100,000 times in a city and you have a smart city with connected street lights. Each contains our module with a gridcomm chip that communicates data across the city's power lines. We then connect thousands of sensors to measure weather, pollution, traffic with the measurements over our street light control network.

Headquartered in Singapore, gridComm provides hybrid power line communications (PLC)-radio frequency (RF) devices and systems that enable the transformation of the electricity grid into a smart city network.


Our Mission

Lead the market for powerline communications solutions products by enabling interoperable, reliable, robust communication in noisy power line environments.


gridComm provides a complete smart light solution that creates a network over a city's power lines. This includes communications devices, concentrators and street light control software that saves cities millions of dollars in electricity and maintenance costs.



To enable low cost, large scale street light and IoT sensor connectivity reliable power line communications is required. gridComm's technology enables this:

  • gridComm uses 18 redundant channels. Even if there is noise on some channels, redundancy with the other channels enables error-free data transmission.
  • Automatically configures the output power and chooses the most effective transmission frequencies based on real-time monitoring of RSSI, noise and other parameters
  • Multi-path routing topology enabling a very robust power line communication network
  • Highly secure DES encryption/decryptionMarkets

gridComm is disrupting the way cities manage their infrastructure. We start with street lights. There are 1 billion street lights in the world. Over the next 5 years, 40% will upgrade to connected street lights. With gridComm's street light control, cities save millions of dollars a year in electricity and maintenance costs. But street lights are just the start. Our network spans the entire city. Once the street lights are connected, we can connect thousands of sensors to measure weather, pollution, traffic, ad more with the measurements communicated over our street light control network.

IoT (internet of things) is the communications capability that enables Smart Cities to optimize operations, reduce costs, boost productivity and improve lives. Power Line Communications is the lowest cost, most easily deployed IoT solution. IoT devices connect to the internet with sensors and connection capabilities for data collection. Billions of IoT devices will be installed in applications such as M2M, building automation, industrial automation and smart lighting control. gridComm is enabling IoT applications with its power line communications products.


Networked street lights



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