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Solar Energy

Green Light Solar Lanka was established to meet the growing demand for alternative energy sources in Sri Lanka. The founders of Green Light Solar Lanka recognize that the future of energy lies in renewable resources which are easily accessible and efficient, such as solar power. Once harnessed, the power of the sun is free.

At Green Light Solar Lanka we design, supply, install and maintain high quality solar electric (PV) systems for homes and businesses across all Island.

Our mission is to free the public from the soaring costs of electricity bills through utilization of efficient and cost effective solar power systems.

Here at Green Light Solar Lanka we work hard to ensure that we deliver an excellent, personalized and comprehensive service to every customer.


Our company is an excellent choice to serve your solar needs.

We have over 10 years of design and installation experience.

We are properly licensed and accredited by Sustainable Energy Authority – Sri Lanka.

We will ensure that you take advantage of all government incentives and rebates.

Our work and solar system performance is guaranteed giving you peace of mind.

We give a free site assessment and quote.

We provide a custom design and competitive pricing.

It’s time to go solar. Going solar is easy with Green Light Solar Lanka.


Solar Energy


Sri Lanka

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Kandy Road , Yakkala No 252/C