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Waste Management Service

Greenkeepers (Pvt) Ltd is a “BOI company” (registered with the “Board of Investment”, facilitating investors and exporters), and was incorporated in Sri Lanka in the year 2008 to offer sustainable waste management services for the Sri Lankan apparel industry. In the absence of a textile waste recycling mill in the country, the company signed long term contracts with compliant recycling mills overseas and continued as an exporter generating foreign exchange to the country. To date the company has recycled over 25 million kilograms (cumulatively) of textile waste generated by Sri Lanka’s apparel industry

Greenkeepers now wishes to take the company to the next level and to introduce value addition to the current recycling process. The company joined hands with the technological partners, and is ready to set up a textile waste recycling plant which converts the textile waste to value added products within the country, thus creating a higher added value locally, while reducing environmental burden to Sri Lanka and CO2 emissions.

The Company has been working together with the apparel industry for long years to internationally market wearing apparels, fabric, yarn and accessories.



Having spent over 10 years in research and development efforts for a sustainable future for the country , the company secured exclusive partnerships with many international reputed companies to market and distribute state of the art machinery in food waste recycling , waste to bio-fuel and renewable energy technologies which will be launched officially in the year 2018. consultants to the state and private sector on renewable energy initiatives and sustainable infrastructure projects.

The unique business model of GreenKeepers and its contribution to the environment earned many local and international awards within a very short period of time and the earned exposure was a springboard to become project developers in renewable energy segment and to be foreign investment promoters on sustainable infrastructure Development in the country.


Waste Management Service


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