Green Infrastructure Consultancy Ltd

Green Infrastructure Consultancy

We are leading experts on the planning, design and specification of green roofs, biosolar roofs, living walls and rain gardens. We also work closely with specialist contractors, ensuring that the important details that ensure full functionality are not missed.



We work with both public and private sector clients to identify issues and priorities in urban green infrastructure planning and design and help to write strategies and briefs that guide the work of designers. Issues like the conservation of biodiversity, building-integrated vegetation and climate change adaptation are still relatively new areas for many firms working in planning and design and it is important that clients make their aspirations clear in the brief before appointing designers. Focussed strategy and guidance documents may also be required to ensure that designers do not waste time and money pursuing inappropriate options or missing opportunities. It is often impossible to add features at a later stage in the design process, so it is important that green infrastructure is considered at any early stage.



Green Infrastructure Consultancy

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