Green Elephant

Eco friendly Everyday Household Consumabels

We are here to make it easy for you to make ‘feel good’ choices. Choices that you know are healthy for your family and sustainable for the environment.

We find the brands and businesses that are striving for change and bring them all together in our online marketplace. Because we’re all about transparency (no green washing here), you can see at a glance their WHY. WHY are their products better for the environment, sustainable, healthy or ethical..?? Just check out the little badges that are awarded to each of their products on the marketplace. And get to know our Vendors. Read their stories to see what’s behind their businesses and connect – ask them a question using our clever messaging system.

Just like a physical market, our aim is to connect you with the businesses and products you’re looking for to help you achieve your lifestyle goals. We make it easy and fun for you to explore eco businesses and products without having to do the legwork – you don’t even have to leave home…!! And what better way to shop than amongst a friendly, vibrant community of people that share your values…??


Eco friendly Everyday Household Consumabels