Green Dock Ventures

We make connections for the planet

Based in Ventura County, north of Los Angeles, Green Dock Ventures was formed to connect and fund leaders who are working for the good of society. Our founders launched successful businesses over the years, working with a host of corporate clients including McDonalds, Citigroup, Sun Microsystems, General Electric, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, and Lockheed Martin. But we found ourselves thinking about societal challenges, such as poverty and pollution: what could we do to help?


We bring talented people together in semi-structured environments that allow them to be themselves, to work toward common goals and achieve remarkable results. In some cases, we are meeting at beautiful locations, like the Mandalay Beach Resort in California. We also meet in virtual spaces, with the same emphasis on helping people get to know one another and find opportunities. We believe in the power of human creativity and spirit — our collective power to protect the environment, build communities, and grow sustainable economies.

In addition to holding national conferences and convening leaders of communities, we are also building an investment fund to support high-potential technologies for the benefit of communities and the planet.


We make connections for the planet


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