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Eco Friendly Products

Global Office Supplies began many moons ago as a small family run business with only three staff members, two telephones and one objective. That objective was to create an office supplies company that will not just save your company money but also reduce the negative impact your office has on the environment!

Luckily thousands of businesses nationwide agreed and believed in our mission to help companies go green at work. Global Office Supplies has since grown into a successful multinational organisation with 7 depots across the UK and are proud to be the UK’s leading green office supplier. If you believe in better, greener, lower-priced office supplies – join Global, and help us continue our success story.



We’re proud to be tree huggers…

We love the world we live in, but sadly every year 250 million tonnes of harmful waste and emissions are created by UK offices, thus it is our mission to help reduce this figure one office at a time.

The good news is: with the help of our ‘green office team’ of specially trained advisers, there’s never been a better time to turn your office into a global-friendly working environment.

It’s so easy to make a difference. In fact, it’s the small changes that have the biggest difference – like trying our great recycled paper, green stationery, green office supplies catalogue, or our remanufactured eco printer cartridges.


Eco Friendly Products


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