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Wall, roof and foundation systems

Glavloc® Build Systems (GBS) are a manufacturer of high-performance rapid build systems for the construction industry. Typically structures utilising our build systems are completed in less than a quarter of the time compared to traditional building methods. An average structure built using our products can be normally be completed within 6 weeks, depending on the exact options and specifications required. This results in significantly improved productivity without the need to increase resources.

A1 Rated Buildings Our wall, roof and foundation systems have BBA certified thermal properties of between 0.11 w/m2k and 0.15 w/m2k, and are the first buildings systems to have a zero thermal (cold) bridge rating. This delivers a minimum A1 rated building (A1 rating depends on other factors, such as mechanical systems and design layout). Our systems are also passive compliant when used in conjunction with an appropriately designed structure. Orders can be fulfilled in 24 hours As our systems are generically designed, we can deliver to site within 24 hours of an order being received. If we are consulted at an early stage we can optimise the design, reducing on-site build times and importantly, costs. Cranes or specialist lifting equipment are not required on-site to install our systems, as most components can be safely lifted by a single person.


Wall, roof and foundation systems



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