Disposable Cup Waste Recycling

Who We Are

We are a business that is aware urgent action is necessary to tackle climate change and its consequences. Simply banning single-use plastics without creating and setting the design for potential alternatives entails the risk of shifting the current waste crisis, rather than providing a real and long-lasting solution. 

We were founded by local London business man, Abbas in 2018. Abbas was concerned about the long-term and lasting damage that disposable cups were having on our planet. He wanted to know why despite coffee chains encouraging customers to use reusable cups very few used them. 

He found that reusable cups for many was not practical enough solution to stop them using disposable cups. As a result, he looked at how to make reusable cups the most practical, simple, safe and cost-effective alternative to using disposable cups. 

In 2018  GCUPAPP was created and our first system solution will be launched later this year.


Our Environmental commitment

Develop an innovative, simple and practical solution to provide real alternatives to single-use plastic.

Undertake extensive research into new technology to recycle greater amounts of plastic waste.

Creating awareness especially focusing on young people that in order to reduce plastic pollution there has to be collective ownership in doing so.

Share knowledge and start a "big conversation" about the impact that our actions and choices have on the environment. 


Disposable Cup Waste Recycling


United Kingdom

Company address

100 Old Brompton Road , London SW7 3RD