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Nanotechnology Water-Proofing

GCG Consultancy & Contracting LLP (GCG) was established as a Professional Advisory Team, providing Total Solutions for Structural Water-Proofing through its exclusive distributorship of carefully selected building products, which must satisfy all criteria GCG stipulates and expects in its performance. With stringent standards and cumulative expertise, the products that GCG represented are second to none in the market. 

GCG has gone from selective product distributorships, to providing analysis of problems, product education, people’s training and equipment, thus providing a level of advanced solutions to problems without the need to decommission or shut down the facility.


GCG continually welcomes challenges from new and more advanced technological ideas or product usage. It is constantly on the lookout for pioneering breakthrough products, in order to stay at the technological forefront and achieve overall excellence in its service. GCG also pledges to be an environmentally-friendly company, with its products being “green”-tested and certified to comply with international standards.


Nanotechnology Water-Proofing



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Toilet waterproofing without hacking tiles

Power Seal for Wood Refurbishment

Power Seal SG

Power Seal SG

Michael Goh

16 Aug 2018





Power Seal SG Synopsis

1. Introduction

Power Seal SG is a water-based nanotechnology water proofing product with “green” label accreditations in Singapore as well as in many countries in the West. This product was brought into Singapore by GCG Consultancy & Contracting LLP since Year 2011 and has successfully solved many difficult water leaking problems without the need for tedious preparation such as hacking of tiles and re-laying them thereafter.


Power Seal SG has been widely used and accepted by many reputable organizations such as HDB, Town Councils, consultants, contractors, managing agents and major developers..

2. What can Power Seal SG Do?


Power Seal SG is a very versatile product. Besides waterproofing, Power Seal SG can perform the following functions:


  1. Provide waterproofing

  2. Seal cracks of 2mm size and below

  3. Resist Algae and Mildew growths




3. The Advantage of Power Seal SG over Conventional Waterproofing Systems

Power Seal SG is a “revolutionary” water proofing products that will eventually replace most conventional water proofing systems. It is very “user-friendly” and requires no special skill to apply it. Power Seal SG can be applied over existing old tiled surface or sound concrete without compromising on water proofing performance. There is no need for tedious hacking and re-screeding. Only a sound clean surface is needed to apply Power Seal SG

4. Where to Apply?

Power Seal SG can be used on the following substrates:


  1. Concrete & masonry

  2. Marble, granite and tile

  3. Wood

  4. Exotic wood

  5. Composite

  6. Any porous substrates






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Power Seal SG is a nanotechnology water-based, water proofer-cum-sealer. It is a DIY "user friendly" product that is "green" and containing no VOC (volatile Organic Compound)