First Mile

Recycling - Waste Management

First Mile is a leading environmental company at the forefront of the waste and recycling industry. Since 2004, First Mile has helped over 25,000 businesses save money and improve their environmental performance. With recycling solutions for over 20 types of materials, First Mile sends nothing to landfill and strives to close the loop where possible. We pride ourselves on a transparent value structure, a straightforward pricing scheme and an emphasis on reporting to support customers in leaving a greener footprint.


Reliable collections, 24/7 support and a range of recycling services to make it a breeze for all your rubbish to find a new life.

Online accounts, bin sensors, QR codes, handy apps and detailed data reports. Let our smart tech do the hard work so you don’t have to

Keep on top of your account with our handy First Mile app.

Order sacks, track your stats, and make payments at your convenience.

Add our Recyclie app at the same time, for a fun way to hone great workplace habits helping Recyclie Rat to sort his rubbish.


Recycling - Waste Management


United Kingdom

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Screenworks, 22 Highbury Grove, , London, N5 2ER