Fallen Timber Furniture Company

Sutainable Furnitures

The Ultimate in Sustainability……..

 Natural Attrition & Reclaimed Bespoke Furniture & Homewares

 Unique, Timeless, Ecological

 Knowing the source equals peace of mind.

Combining the extraordinary beauty of old growth timber with the ultimate in

sustainable harvesting – Natural Attrition. Our handcrafted, custom-made furniture

and homewares allow you luxury with peace of mind.


Specialising In:

Custom Eco-Projects for: Architecture, Design, Landscape, Interior, Outdoor, Commercial

Eco-Friendly Heirloom Furniture and Homewares

Specialty Timber Milling for Architectural and Design Projects

Milling Services On-site &/or Removal, Slab Levelling

Sustainable Hardwoods – Natural Attrition, Rescued and Reclaimed Timbers

Timber Sales – Slabs, Boards, Planks, Sleepers

Rare Timber Feature Pieces – Burls, Roots, Slabs, Fiddleback and Flame Crotch


Sutainable Furnitures