Eco Friendly Packaging

Evirocor Packaging India Private Limited was founded in 2014 to produce a unique and patented process developed for the manufacture of a new packaging material. Our revolutionary packaging medium is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and this will replace all types of single use plastics food packaging. Our manufacturing technology is patented for 2 & 3 PLY V-Strong Packaging Board which will be creating a unique water tight food friendly barrier to ensure that our flexible bio-material is superior to conventional plastics in terms of shelf life and durability, transparency, sealing strength, printability and flexibility.

Evirocor will focus its efforts on spurring innovative strategies to make societal value creation the bedrock of its business strategy for serving the market needs. Towards this it will promote collaborative synergies for integrating the food supply chain partners to make a growing contribution for building economic, environmental and social capital for the nation. The Company’s aspiration would manifest not only in sustained wealth creation for all its stakeholders, but also in the simultaneous generation of livelihoods through a new dimension of responsible competitive growth that would be sustainable and inclusive.



Vision – Evirocor’ s team are dedicated and committed to reduce the heavy burden of plastics pollution. Towards this cause the company has embraced a vision and a call to action to Beat plastic pollution through green packaging awareness technologies and programs.

Mission – Evirocor’ s mission is to help the planet with a broad range of creative and environmentally friendly flexible food packaging products that are disposable, compostable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Technology – Evirocor’ s Oko packaging products are manufactured with patented technology. It is unique in many ways and more particularly it has shrunk the ½ acre manufacturing plant to the size of a 40 feet container. This enables us to install these manufacturing plants at many locations for furthering ease of serving customers in these locations.  At Evirocor, sustainability is the essence of our business theme. Our environmental commitments and goals are embedded in our mission, strategy and code of business conduct, and we are committed to running our business in a long-term sustainable manner. Click technology to know more about our manufacturing technology.



Eco Friendly Packaging


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