Eco friendly Laundry & Household Cleaning

Proud Products have quietly been innovating a whole range of unique cleaning products that out-perform expectations and generally have many varied uses. They work so well, it is hard to pigeon hole them for one specific purpose. Some pivotal key developments have been;

Euca laundry products were designed and tested from the beginning as pure concentrate powders and liquids, with no added fillers like in supermarket brands. No added nasties that causes issues for human skins and bronchial airways.  Euca’s unique blend is also extremely low in phosphate in the powder formula, and no Phosphate at all in the liquid, which make both very beneficial in grey water on plants.

Tuff was made originally to be a biodegradable “green” workshop cleaner / degreaser. The Citrus and Eucalyptus combine to make a powerful “Tough” cleaner that is completely non caustic and non corrosive. Tuff’s abilities quickly made its way into the “HOME” being a safe cleaner to use in the oven, on the BBQ, benches, laundry, bathroom …. anywhere . Why use a caustic cleaner in your home and cooking surfaces when you can use TUFF. We say “What doesn’t Tuff Clean”.


Feel Safe with Euca Laundry & Household Cleaning Products

Euca cleaning products are independently tested by Lanfax laboratories so we can assure you that Euca is amongst the lowest of cleaning products in all trace elements associated with environmental degradation. Euca is Filler, Seolites, SLS, Enzyme & Palm Oil free and guarantee. We do not use any materials tested on animals. Euca has a reputation of helping those with skin diseases and allergies. At Euca we are proud that our eco-cleaning products are able to provide a washing solution that delivers young families with safe, soft, natural smelling clothes and bed linen. Euca laundry powder and liquid do not contain added perfumes. The freshness you feel and smell is the natural Eucalyptus fragrance as it dissipates after drying. Are you environment-friendly and looking for budget-friendly laundry and household cleaning products that are Australian made? Then Euca cleaning products are for you.


Eco friendly Laundry & Household Cleaning