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Odour Control System Manufacturers and Suppliers

We manufacture cost effective solutions for your air pollution problems. Bespoke design, tailored technology packages and a "whole of life" analysis are just some of the qualities that our customers have come to expect from us. Reducing odour, abating VOCs, recovering solvent or removing acid gas are some of the systems we offer. Our capability is all encompassing. It embraces initial definition of your problem, the current legislative targets you need to reach to be legally compliant, pilot trials and turnkey projects.

While we are proud of our ability to deliver across the globe, we believe that you still need to act locally when thinking globally. So you can expect good prices and dedicated expertise, whether your requirements are large or small and wherever you may be.

Our Technologies

. Direct Fired Oxidisers (afterburners)Biofilter installation

· Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers

· Recuperative Thermal Oxidisers

· Catalytic Oxidisers

· Adsorption systems

· Rotary Concentrators

· Wet and Dry Scrubbers

· Biofilters

· Reverse Jet Filters

· Ductwork and capture systems

· Secondary heat recovery


Our Services

 Turnkey design and installation of VOC Abatement and Odour Control ProjectsFinished installation

· Design and supply of capture, enclosure and ductwork systems

· Service and maintenance contracts

· Relocation and refurbishment and upgrades of existing equipment

· Process integration and optimisation

· Service support for existing systems including Haden Drysys Environmental systems

· RTO media replacement for lower pressure drop and increased air flow

· Process surveys to establish air volumes and solvent concentrations

· Process Optimisation and HAZOP / SIL Analysis

· Olfactometric testing, odour mapping and dispersion modelling

· Spare Parts.


Odour Control System Manufacturers and Suppliers


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