Enviro Furn

Recycled Plastic Furnitures

Due to the ever-increasing importance to recycle & protect the environment and saving our forests, our products are made from 100% recycled plastic. All the plastic used is recycled on-site and is a perfect alternative to wood. Our aim is to help rebuild the environment by utilizing a commodity, which people would otherwise just throw away, and so turn what to some would be rubbish into a valuable product for everybody.

What can the plastic be used for?

The manufactured plastic has many practical and very useful properties. The main base of our products are in the form of planks and posts which can be used on their own for Garden Fences, both low for front gardens and high for side and back fences for instance, along roadsides, and around fields & paddocks just to name a few. It is also possible to produce a number of other products out of our plastic, such as picnic tables. These would vary in size suitable for adults and children. Park benches, outdoor tables, square or rectangular plant boxes, decking and seating, recycling bins, horse stables. The list is endless. 


Recycled Plastic Furnitures


South Africa