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With offices in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Europe, Enovatek Energy Solutions is a dynamic company dedicated to providing sharply focused and practical energy-saving solutions to industry and commerce. Enovatek combines leaders and experts from within the energy-efficient technology field, which are able to package solutions to ensure that customers are achieving the highest possible level of energy-savings without interruptions to operations. Enovatek only uses the best products in the market, and this is shown through exceptional guarantees and warrantees many competitors will never be able to offer. With the world economy continuing to fluctuate and companies finding it difficult to keep up, focusing solely on revenue generation is not the only way forward. It is now, more than ever, becoming apparent that companies have to be mindful of reducing fixed costs wherever possible; without interrupting operations and offering the best of services to customers. To help companies reduce fixed costs, Enovatek Energy offers a wide range of energy-saving technologies, which allows for these companies to reduce energy costs by 20% to an astounding 90% with limited interruptions to day to day operations.

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