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Fuel burn enhancing device

At 15, after already creating custom bicycles from discarded parts for a couple of years, he started a bicycle repair activity in his step-father's garage behind the sailboat they raced on weekends.

Since high school was teaching him nothing that would help him survive in life, he quit and joined the US Navy at 17 with his parents approval and a fast pass of the G.E.D. test and the Navy taught him more basics on mechanical, electrical, electronics, hydraulics, air compressor and air conditioning and after a couple posts he taught the same to some of our US Marines at Mirimar Naval Air Field in San Diego.

After the Navy he held a variety of positions, and found that he was happier with his own projects;
He helped to build up the 1990 "Invention Convention" in Pasadena, CA to draw more people than the LA Auto Show of the same year.

He started a restaurant service business with his good friend then left the business to his friend due to difference in opinion. He then started a computer and computer network servicing and security business named "Los Angeles Computerhelp" where he tended to be very good at securing the innards of Windows. He ran this business for 19 years and had clients ranging from the highest paid Hollywood producer's wife to the 5th largest cable content provider in the US at the time, and at the 2000 L.A. Auto Show, Ford hired him to be the technician on the floor setting up their display computers - and he was able to talk to the engineer behind the Lotus Elise as they were introducing it to the US - wow!

While working the computer business in 1995 he chanced upon a fuel burn enhancing device that has it's roots in a 1916 US patent. He looked at it and had the idea that he could do better and he started doing so. This is his current project, and you can view it and what he is doing with it in the presentations below...


Fuel burn enhancing device



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