Sustainable Products for Healthier Homes

We are cleaning company in the region of Montreal, who after years in the business and after developing a vast knowledge about the cleaning solutions on the market and on the needs and requirements of the client are now striving to develop a line of products for a new cleaning concept that is as safe and nature friendly AND effective as possible!

We focus on making sure we respond to clients’ needs but also on using ingredients that are safe for people’s health and the environment. We also strive to be as sustainable as possible in terms of packaging and delivery practices.

Our mission is to help restore the healthy balance in your home and create an environment free of harmful toxins and chemicals regularly contained in the conventional cleaners and thus help save the planet one home at a time!

Our boutique strives to offer a selection of products that are GREEN & CLEAN! We offer our own line of hand-made Castile soaps and soap based cleaning solutions. We also constantly search and curate other sustainable products with the intent to create a one-stop-shop for sustainable, green and zero waste home-care. We look and offer here products that are:

Pet and Child friendly

Sustainable, Biodegradable and as Zero-Waste a possible

Allergy friendly

Not tested on animals

Contain no GMOs or artificial preservatives

Have no toxins or chemicals detrimental for our health and to that of the planet

We look for sustainable packaging and for our own product line we offer zero-waste packaging option by using aluminum, glass and paper only and by offering a “return for reuse” program for the aluminum and glass containers.

Details on the “Return for Reuse” program: simply collect 5 aluminum tins and 5 bottles from our products, send us an e-mail at [email protected] to let us know you wish to return these to us and we will either come collect them (if you are in the region of Montreal) or send you a return label so that you can return these back to us for free!

Thank you very much for your interest! We are looking forward to welcoming you in our family of clients and let’s save the planet together one home at a time!


Sustainable Products for Healthier Homes