Ecovalley BD

Table Wares made from Areca Leaf

Ecovalley BD is here to help you minimize your plastic consumption and switch to a more earth friendly lifestyle by promoting Zero Waste and selling products that help you replace single use plastics with their reusable equivalents.Plastic is everywhere! And unfortunately does not just go away when you throw it in the bin. Every bit of plastic that you have ever used either lays rotting in a landfill or washed away into our oceans.

If you want to contribute to a planet with less plastic (no plastic is too ambitious even for us) and switch to a Zero Waste lifestyle then you’re in the right place!


Ecovalley BD has started bringing its first product to meet the growing demand of table wares made from Areca Leaf instead of Plastic made table wares. We are also working to introduce the table wares made from Corn starch and Sugar cane.

Let’s step to the nature rejecting the plastic items.  Move with us to be changed and to make a change.


Table Wares made from Areca Leaf



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SS complex, Ka-6/B Jagannathpur, Boshundhara , Vatara Dhaka