Eco Friendly Paper Board Utensils

EcoTensil has reinvented the disposable spoon. In one fun fold, EcoTensil's pleasingly smooth paperboard products transform into the most sustainable, highly space-efficient, and brandable utensils available. Our award-winning, nationally distributed  EcoTaster tasting utensil (Costco, Target, Whole Foods…) uses 1/5th the space of other mid-sized tasters. We are the lowest cost compostable and recyclable tasting spoon on the market.

Our full-sized, longer lasting EcoSpoon can be beautifully branded for foodservice such as fro-yo and fast food chains.

SpoonLidz and our other on-package utensil solutions fill a growing demand for grab-&-go single-serve products.


Eco Friendly Paper Board Utensils


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