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Ecomplish provides professional design, technology and sustainability services to leading-edge projects. Since 2005, Ecomplish has been providing professional sustainability consulting services to land owners, developers, community groups, investors and government throughout Australia including New Zealand and south-east Asia, and South Africa. Ecomplish and its Associates: 1. possess over 20 years of experience, across six different industry sectors. 2. offer a personalized service, at a cost-effective price. 3. possess both theoretical and practical experience; working in, living in and designing sustainable communities and buildings; combined with matching project management expertise. For example, Ecomplish Director Ben O'Callaghan, lives in Australia’s most awarded sustainable community and developed his own energy efficient award-winning house in 2009. Ben lives and breathes “sustainable design” so can be relied up on deliver quality advice quickly and reliably across all stages of a project.

> Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD) > Sustainable Development and Master Planning > Sustainable Communities: Ecovillage and Cohousing Planning, Design and Operation including Professional Tours. > Green rating tool submissions: LEED, Green Star, EnviroDevelopment, NatHERS. > Digital media production of sustainable buildings for promotional, sale or educational purposes. The sectors we specialize in include: > Communities: multi residential and master planned estates > Residential: single dwelling > Commercial: office buildings > Hospitality: hotels & resorts > Education: universities and childcare centres > Energy: lighting, metering and renewables.


Environmental Services

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1 Yagoi Place, Currumbin Valley , Currumbin Valley QLD 4223

Ben O'Callaghan

Ben O'Callaghan

Director, Ecomplish Sustainability

[email protected]

Ben O’Callaghan is an experienced sustainability professional who specializes in providing strategic planning and design advice in the property sector. Over the past 20 years, Ben has researched innovative solutions, managed sustainability ratings for many clients and consulted to small and large organizations. Uniquely Ben: o possesses superior academic and practical sustainable construction and design experience. o has worked in the private sector and for Federal Government agencies. o has experience across multiple sectors including education, commercial, hospitality, government and especially residential and communities. Ben lives in Australia’s most awarded sustainable community and developed his own energy efficient award-winning house in 2009. Ben applies a mature and emotionally intelligent approach to understanding clients’ needs and delivering exceptional solutions that meet environmental, social, cultural and economic goals.

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