ecoliving design

landscape architects & engineers

Jenny and Nick work from home on 1.5 acres in the beautiful Bellinger Valley.

Nick was influenced in the early 1990’s by travel in Nepal and Peru. He learnt from their simple passive solar houses and productive gardens. In 1996, he moved onto 2 acres in the Bellinger valley to put permaculture into practice. This included owner building, growing organic food and rainforest regeneration. In 2011, he moved around the corner and started again on 1.5 acres of weedy hill paddock.

He’s worked professionally as a gardener, native nursery hand, organic farmhand as well as drafting for architects, landscape architects & engineers.

Jenny has spent a number of years in Europe and is influenced by European culture and history. She knows quite a bit about old things; and has worked as an advisor to regional museums, taught museum practice at TAFE, made a bit of furniture and run a second hand retro shop. She’s somewhat media shy and avoided being photographed for this page.


landscape architects & engineers