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EcoLiving System Pte Ltd is established to bring healthy living lifestyle to all Home, Office and Commercial building. EcoLiving focus in Enhancing and Improving quality of Living Indoors ranging from the Indoor Surrounding to Living Lifestyle. EcoLiving is the No 1 Market leader in Eco Living Lifestyle, Mission to Live with Nature, and Live in Style, bringing systems that Enhance and Improve our living through Clean air, Clean water, Clean Oral and other Clean Technology that inline with our nature and bring balance to our environment and our body. EcoLiving Technologies are inspired by nature and proven by science. Recently, our Air Purification Technology had awarded as one of the Exclusively Space Certified Technology by the NASA Space foundation, and is used by Green Home user in USA and had won some awards being an eco friendly technology to improve indoor environment. EcoLiving continue to seek and explore new or traditionally useful technology and bring it to all home, office, commercial and even industrial indoor environment. Currently our Exclusive Space Certified Air purification System had the ability to Effective Eliminate Smoke, Tobacco odor, smell, VOC, Chemical compound, Bacteria and Microbial, Dust, Dust mite, Mold, Mildew and Allergen from our indoor environment, and even eliminating microbes at its source and on surfaces contamination up to 99.9%. Proven and tested in USA and Singapore. Our system currently used in Hospitals, Clinics, Dentals, Hotels, Financial offices, Pet Shops, KTV Pubs, Childcare and even Cafes with amazing results. Ecoliving product ranging from personal portable unit to ducting unit coverage upto 10,000sqft. They are EcoLiving Buddy, EcoFresh, EcoBox, EcoWorx and DuctWorx.

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Renewables and Environment

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