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Off-site construction low energy housing

Eco Homes Eco Homes, the affordable approach to passive house brings low energy housing to everyone. Air tightness and insulation are the two key factors to achieving better performing homes. Eco Homes Direct can help plan and design your aspirational dream home and use eco-friendly modern build techniques, working with Canadian partners to bring low energy homes to the UK. For more information

Offsite Construction Off-site construction with everything made under one roof in the factory is the most efficient approach to building future proofed homes accurately and on time. Increased savings on time and labour are made due to fully integrated closed panel timber engineered wall systems, roof and floor cassettes reducing time, labour and waste on site. Fabric first principles make off-site construction the affordable solution to exceeding UK building regulations for a better living environment and reducing energy costs. Timber Framed To meet the new code for sustainable homes and reduced carbon footprints timber engineered systems are one of the preferred build concept for future low energy housing. Fast, cost-effective solutions with renewable resources give a strong and eco solution to complex design projects across a broad range of buildings. “Build tight, ventilate right” with high levels of insulation that can be flexible to suit all budgets is the solution to energy efficient homes.


Off-site construction low energy housing


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