Eco Green Global Sdn Bhd

Organic Cleaning Detergent

Eco Green Global Sdn Bhd is involved in a “zero waste” services, willing to share our winning edge products and solution in the area of waste management services and water treatment processes. We adopted the use of microbes in the treatment processes and proven to be effective and the use of organic, biotechnology & nanotechnology products given recognition by the United Nation and widely used in Thailand since the last few years. We associate ourselves with BCI Thailand and operates in Malaysia under Eco Green Global Sdn Bhd & Eco BCI (M) Sdn Bhd. We produced Multi Purpose Organic Detergent, a concentrated and versatile liquid suitable for kitchen, dish wash, bathroom, car and all type of washable surfaces, leaving it clean and shining. It does not contain chemical and gentle to your hands. Our Hand Wash is pH balance and free from SLS and ecological organic.


Organic Cleaning Detergent