Eco Girl

Eco friendly Everyday Household Consumabels

We wanted to feel good about the products we used and the companies we supported. We didn’t want to wonder about their practices or values, and we didn’t want to buy stuff that would only be used for a short amount of time before being thrown away. We wanted to make finding earth conscious products easy and affordable, while creating a community where we could share resources and help each other journey toward a greener life. So, Eco Girl Shop was born!

We’re constantly doing the research to find better, more earth conscious products and practices to share. Know of an awesome company to recommend or want to share an awesome eco tip? We would love to hear it!

What’s Different About Eco Girl Shop Products?

We choose to work with companies that are taking steps in a better direction, a few examples are companies that are…

Using Better Materials


Stainless steel

Organic cotton

Plant Based Ingredients

Creating Less Waste

Long lasting products

Recyclable products

Compostable products

Reusable alternatives to disposable products

Creating Lower Carbon Footprints

Made in the USA

Ships directly from manufacturer

Recycled packaging

Packaging free

Promoting Responsible Business Practices

Fair trade


Women or minority owned

Cruelty Free

Take back programs

What Do I Have to Buy to be Eco-Friendly?

Nothing! Here’s the thing about living sustainably: you don’t have to buy anything. (Yep, we’re totally a store telling you that!) It is SO important to remember that we can’t shop our way to a cleaner earth. But when it is time to make a purchase, we can use our purchasing power to choose better, more ethical products — which encourages the good guys to keep producing them & others to follow in that direction.



Eco Girl is a women-owned and operated shop offering natural products for your health and for and the planet. We believe that simple, conscious living helps to create a happy life and awesome future for everyone.

We Think Ethical Shopping Should be Easy

So many times we found ourselves shopping in stores or online for natural products only to turn up hours later with nothing but questions. Why was it so hard to find products not produced in sweatshops? Not tested on animals? Not made cheaply and imported from thousands of miles away on ships? Not covered in tons of unnecessary plastic packaging?



Eco friendly Everyday Household Consumabels


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