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Sustainable Fashion Packaging

We are Hong Kong and Vietnam based, supplying factories in this textile producing region with our eco-friendly garment bags. We lobby and promote the move away from single-use poly bags used for packaging individual garments in our industry.

Eco Garment Bags offer an excellent packaging solution to the polybag problem, replacing plastic with a bag which biodegrades fully in ocean or landfill in 12 months, leaving no toxic trace or reside at all.  We are on a mission to share the message that the use of plastic in the fashion supply chain is now a matter of choice. 

It is important to us that smaller brands with lower volumes can also order the bags as it was these brands, up and coming London designers, who urged us to venture on this journey of tackling plastic pollution for a sustainable fashion industry.

We hold stocks of Eco Garment Bags which are available for worldwide shipping from MOQ of 500 units.

From May 2020 we will hold stocks in the UK available for immediate delivery to European factories.


Eco Garment Bags maintain all the benefits of conventional poly bags, but instead of taking decades or hundreds of years to degrade into smaller pieces of plastic, they degrade into carbon dioxide, hydrogen and harmless biomass within 12 months.

It looks like plastic and protects like plastic, but it is fully biodegradable, recyclable, compostable, and 100% water soluble.


Sustainable Fashion Packaging


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