Environmentally Friendly Daily-use Products

ECO-FRIENDLY SHOP™ Is for people who care for themselves and the earth. All things in store are organic, recycled, up-cycled, fair-trade, and environmentally friendly with some local handmade arts and craft.

Everything I sell has been tried and tested by a trusted friend or myself..  

We started in 2003 selling at the local indoor markets, as my interest in Environmental Issue & Fair trade grew.

We had a small catalogue 2004-2010, launched the first website in 2006.

We had a shop in Glastonbury between 2007-2012.

We had a small café Eco Friendly Bites at the Avalon Marshes Centre 2009-2017 this was in the hope of having the shop here & a small Environmental centre.

Re-launched the much improved  Eco - Friendly Shop™ website in 2018.

We have been based in Somerset this whole time, we have never sold on any other websites & definitely not Amazon..  We are the only Eco Friendly Shop™ we aim to be honest about what we do, what we care about, what we feel are important issues & when we make mistakes,


Environmentally Friendly Daily-use Products


United Kingdom

Company address

C/O A.Lawson 46 Houndwood Drove , Somerset BA16 9PR