Eco Elegant Table Ware

Eco Dinnerware

EcoElegant Tableware is a Natural Living Brand bringing in an exquisite of earth friendly & handcrafted products. We Introduce an elegant alternative to plastic disposables, Eco Dinnerware for celebratory events and occasional use. Made of naturally dried Areca Leaf sheaths, it is 100% natural, microwave safe. Though mostly disposed of after one time use, Areca sheath dishes can be used more than once with dry and nongreasy food! What's more? Well, when these dishes are no longer in use, use them as compost in your garden. Biodegradable and compostable plates and bowls made from fallen palm leaves. Have you ever heard of anything cooler than that? There are no coatings, waxes, or chemicals added to the surface of the plates and bowls.


Our products are made of the natural shed leaf sheaths of the Areca Palm Tree. Palm leaves have been used in India as plates and food vessels for hundreds of years, particularly for social events and celebrations. Now, as a by-product of over 750,000 acres of existing Areca tree plantations, we can bring you these entirely compostable and biodegradable – and very stylish – disposable plates made without any chemicals, resins, dyes or synthetic materials. A genuinely sustainable eco-friendly product.


Eco Dinnerware


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