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Eco Bricks

The company is a private limited liability company incorporated in February 2005 by the promoters who were mercantile executives. The promoter’s avid naturalist and lovers of outdoor were impressed by the possibilities of working earth as a solution to both the rising cost of construction material and the scarcity of martial such as sand and lime.

The company manufactures and markets earth compressed interlocking bricks under the brand name "ECO BRICK"A hydraulic machine using South African Technology issued in the manufacturing process.

The factory is located in a reclaimed land that was degraded due to clay mining is situated in Hanwella approximately 50 Km from Colombo. The company employee’s approximately 15 skilled and unskilled personal in its labor force.

The staff in Colombo consists of a young team of graduates and undergraduate trainees. Instructed by a professional team of managers and consultants. The company also proposes to venture into environmentally friendly material to augment its current offering to the market. Some products that are currently outsourced are Bamboo timber members, ECO friendly paint, Recycled timber, Bricks and Solar lighting. The was awarded the Best Local Manufacturer Award in 2005 by the Construction Contractors Association and the Product ECO BRICK was awarded The Product Excellence award for 2006 by the Charted Institute of Architects in Sri Lanka.

Its excellent relationship with the Architects and the Construction Contractors Association has helped the company to successfully introduce its products into the market.


Eco Bricks

Availability, Comfort, Aesthetics are some of the major concerns for a house builder when you want to build a house for yourself. Often the available solutions are either expensive or adds on to industrial waste we are trying to eliminate.

Used for applications in housing and building projects, across 45 countries from Australia to Zambia “ECO BRICK”™ uses a combination of Earth and Cement to produce an interlocking, load bearing block that is eco- friendly and enhance the appearance at the same time.

We at ECO CEYLON HOLDINGS (PVT) LTD. are proud to have introduced a product that takes advantage of Mother Nature’s own building system. We make “BRICKS” out of earth “the grates Architects own building material. It is environmentally friendly, aesthetically appealing, easy to build with, best for our tropical climate and economical.

Thank you for visiting our web site hear you will find some additional details that will be of interest to you explaining more about Earth Compressed Bricks and the benefits of “ECO BRICICK”™.

As someone who has already appreciate the life style of living in harmony with nature we would be glad to discuss the opportunities of using the “ECO BRICK”™ for your project.


Eco Bricks


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