Eco-Bru Ltd

Bamboo; Toothbrushes, Travel Cases, Straws

We are a zero waste importer and wholesaler. All products are: stylish, sustainable, BPA-free, organic and vegan friendly product, with 100% recyclable zero plastic, zero waste packaging.We believe that biodegradable, recyclable products should be beautiful and efficient as any other. Hence our creation, Eco-Bru.

We boast unbeatable customer satisfaction, so should you have any queries at all please do not hesitate to contact us.

Let's save the planet one brush at a time.


Happy Teeth, Happy Planet 

100% recyclable bamboo toothbrush

Zero Waste, Biodegradable, Sustainable materials 

100% BPA free

All Products availible at trade and wholesale. We are looking for worldwide distributors.

OEM Designs availible on demand. 


Bamboo; Toothbrushes, Travel Cases, Straws


United Kingdom