Sustainability consultants

Decades of experience in promoting best greener practice in multiple design and education fields • Young Australians' Plan for the Planet program 2017 implementation and developing Young Persons' Plan for the Planet program pilot for 2018 by The OnePlanet Partnership (TOPP) that enables Youth to research, plan and encourage implementation of the UN SDGs • Enjoying a combined 3+ year 'EarthLap' and 'OzLap' greener conversation tour, connecting & encouraging the positive change transition

• Director / NFP Org. Convenor / Designer / Curator / encouraging all "Design for Good" outcomes • Occasional University Lecturer in Responsible Design Thinking and Practice • Committed to creating our sustainable future by design • Consultant for greener paper and print broking • Founder of SRD Change National: graduate sustainable design exhibitions • Communications Manager / Senior graphic designer promoting greener design


Sustainability consultants

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