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With over 70 year’s experience, Bradford provides smart solutions to improve comfort, energy efficiency and safety, helping to create smarter environments. CSR - the parent company of Bradford Insulation was founded in 1855 in Sydney, Australia. Today it is a leading manufacturing company with operations throughout Australia as well as in Asia and New Zealand. Bradford Insulation was established in 1935 based on rockwool technology. CSR acquired the business in the 1950’s. In the 1960’s glasswool was introduced and business extended into Asia. Today, CSR Bradford Insulation has plants in Australia. It has an unrivalled branch network extending across Australia and New Zealand. CSR Bradford Insulation products that have the Environmental Choice license

Bradford Insulation is a leading supplier of thermal, acoustic and fire insulation solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Environment - Sustainability Building sustainability CSR Bradford Insulation has been manufacturing energy saving insulation in Australia since 1934. With extensive operations across the Asia Pacific, Bradford Insulation is a world renowned leader in the insulation industry with a long involvement in providing energy efficiency solutions. Bradford supports sustainability in three key ways: Improving the living and working environment through greater thermal and acoustic comfort Saving energy and reducing the associated greenhouse gas emissions Reducing waste through environmentally sound manufacturing


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