Environmental Services

At CONTENUR we design, manufacture and sell container systems for mechanised waste collection, litter bins, and equipment for children’s playgrounds, recreational areas and sports grounds. In addition to our production activities, at CONTENUR we offer our clients a wide range of services, from conducting site assessments for product location through to complete management programmes for street-based containers, recreation sites, sports grounds and children’s playgrounds in urban areas. For over 30 years, CONTENUR has been playing a major role pioneering container systems in Spain, becoming a leading provider in the urban waste sector with the opening of our production plant in Getafe (Madrid). Since its formation in 1984, CONTENUR has been committed to delivering products and services designed to improve urban waste management, adopting a fundamental role in the uptake of container systems across Spain.

Today, with our experience as leaders on the Iberian market and nº3 in Europe, seeking international expansion and with business activity already in 40 countries worldwide, CONTENUR offers city-friendly solutions which are smart and flexible – almost part of the scenery! We offer an entire catalogue of global innovative solutions sharing the same quality, technical service and bespoke approach which have made us a market leader in Spain and beyond.


Environmental Services

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