Compass Environmental

Environmental Consulting Firm

Compass Environmental is a client focused environmental consulting firm. We provide unmatched service and responsiveness at a competitive cost base. Most importantly, we always provide advice in the best interests of our client, not our own.

Over the last decade, Compass Environmental has succeeded in becoming the most innovative problem-solving firm in the industry. We work on referral from repeat clients, and foster a working environment where all staff embody a culture of drive, support, continued professional development, client focus and practical solutions.


At Compass Environmental we understand the complexities of the environment and are there to support you in your investment. We fight for you, we advocate for you, and we turn over literally every stone to ensure the best outcome for you.

Just one of the many reasons we stand out as environmental consultants.

Working with Compass Environmental has a number of advantages, including:

Exceptional value for money.

The firm's Principals provide individual and personal attention to all clients.

The firm's Principals closely supervise every project.

Flexibility to tailor services to suit client and project requirements.

High level of responsiveness.

Exceptional and direct communication.

Ethical business practices. 

As the preferred supplier to many private and public businesses, Councils, State, and Federal Government departments, you can rest assured you're in the right hands. We are accredited on the whole of government Construction Supplier Register, along with being members of the Australian Contaminated Land Consulting Association, Australian Land and Groundwater Association, and are pre-qualified for numerous other companies, Councils and Government departments.


Environmental Consulting Firm