Companies Vs Climate Change


Adaptation.  Resiliency.  Collaboration.  A bold new firm of experts that sees hope and opportunities for action in a time of unprecedented crisis

Companies vs. Climate Change (CvCC) Sustainability Consultants is a firm for a new era, where crises demand swift leadership and action. We are a full-service sustainability consulting firm focused on providing relevant pathways towards reaching your ESG goals.

CvCC has a global reach with consultants (a majority) in the US, and growing teams in Europe, South America and Asia. 

Our mission is to empower entities to create value while strengthening their environmental and social accountability. CvCC’s team of 40 consultants from around the world bring an array of expertise to help you achieve the most impactful sustainability strategies.

Unpredictable events will continue to occur at compounding rates. Employee activism will continue to expand. Stakeholder awareness and their demand for companies to be held accountable will continue to rise. Thinking longterm is inherent in our approach towards sustainability, and, as we see it, your organization’s success. 


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