CleanCapital LLC

Clean Energy Generating Services

CleanCapital is accelerating investment in distributed solar and energy storage.

CleanCapital breaks down barriers to entry to invite direct investment in clean energy generation. Using cutting edge data and analytics, we canvass the market for quality projects and bundle them into high-performing portfolios for our investors. Our innovative technology streamlines the acquisition process, enabling us to underwrite and diligence renewable energy portfolios efficiently. Then we manage them into the future to optimize returns.


We saw how the lack of standardization in contracting, regulations, and diligence made it near-impossible to invest in distributed clean energy assets at scale. Just as fintech was streamlining other industries, like student loans, we knew technology could simplify the process and enable more investors to buy in.

Beginning in 2015, CleanCapital made a name for itself by earning the trust of investors like John Hancock, CarVal Investors, and BlackRock. Today, we have more than $465 million in assets under management and significant capital capacity. We’re capitalizing on that momentum by actively acquiring renewable energy portfolios in North America and abroad.


Clean Energy Generating Services


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