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Innovative & Sustainable Packaging Development

Innovative & sustainable branded packaging development. From ideation, factory management and launch into market. Circle Packaging Consultancy was established in 2015 by Jacqueline Lawford to support brands of all sizes to launch their packaging projects to budget, time and with great impact.

Jacqueline is an award-winning packaging professional and brings more than 20 years of experience working with international brands in food, drink, home care, and beauty. She is now a freelance packaging developer, managing a wide range of projects from bespoke packaging creation to sustainable material selection and conversion. Jacqueline brings her rich FMCG packaging experience to brands of all sizes.

Jacqueline’s history working with leading sustainable brands has given her the opportunity to develop packaging world firsts such as innocent drinks 100% PCR drinks bottle & FSC sourced paper board drinks cartons. All projects managed by Circle Packaging are developed to have the most positive environmental impact possible.

Circle boasts a broad industry knowledge and in-depth experience in innovation. It follows established NPD processes & procedures for effective project delivery while remaining flexible and open to the needs of your brand and business.

To ensure it is delivering the best possible service, Circle also regularly combines forces with talent from a network of cross-functional packaging, design and innovation experts in ideation & consumer insights.



The needs of a smaller business can mean team members taking on a broader range of responsibilities. When it comes to packaging, it can appear to be a simple task but in reality, it is a far reaching topic. Responsibilities in development can include sustainability, supplier selection & validation, component testing & factory trials, regulatory checks, stakeholder & project management, artworking & print management, component & finished goods specifications, quality assurance and more. 

Circle Packaging offer training in the skills, sciences, and arts of innovative and sustainable packaging development. This training is designed to support growing brands to achieve more within their existing team by delivering professional development to non-packaging experts wanting to further their careers.

Our coaching programme provides a development framework used in packaging innovation including ideation, brief writing, and interpretation, component specification templates key activity checklists for regulatory, artwork process and more. We also advise best in practice ways-of-working.

Coaching is delivered one-on-one. It provides guidance in navigating the complexities of NPD and packaging development. Our programme is tailored to each brand’s needs and the individuals learning preferences to enable your team members to become confident packaging professionals.




Innovative & Sustainable Packaging Development


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