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Challis Showers is an industry-leading showers, taps and accessories supplier and manufacturer, supplying individuals and companies all across the UK with innovative products and solutions. We are a family business founded in 2000 by Chris, Russell & Simon Challis, and have been located just outside London in the picturesque Thame side village of Cookham nr Maidenhead ever since. Learn all about Challis Showers and what we offer by giving us a call. We’ll be happy to assist you with any information regarding a specific product service or solution.


Challis has a long pedigree in supplying high quality, innovative, robust and reliable showers and taps to a broad range of commercial and residential applications.

With our Swedish partners FM Mattsson & Mora Armatur we have the enviable ability to provide our clients with as many units as they require on time and on budget.



Showers, taps and accessories


United Kingdom

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Europower House, Lower Road, Cookham, , Maidenhead SL6 9EH, UK