Ceylon Kings

Fabric Bags

Sri Lanka, the country which was known as “Ceylon” in the past, produced various high quality products. We, Ceylon Kings comes to you with over 20 years of expertise knowledge in the producing inestimable fabric products.

“In 1998, Mrs. Wasanthi Gamhewa started manufacturing fabric bags under the name ‘Chalani Creative Crafts’ in southern province. In 2019, we refreshed our business with new brand name ‘Ceylon Kings’ maintaining high-quality and unique designs in all our products.

We use superior fabrics and produce premium products because our customers are much valuable to us. From day to night we tire ourselves to provide a high quality product which goes beyond our customer’s imagination. Now we have expanded our products portfolio with premium accessories which are in the USA market. 



Our products have satisfied numerous customers within our 20 years of journey. Lately, we found a customer who used one of our fabric bags over 15 years. Customer satisfaction is our sole priority.

Though there are similar products in the field; our products can be copied, but never be equalized.



Fabric Bags


Sri Lanka