Eco-friendly Magnesium Cement Boards

Cem-Rock was developed by Greenspan in a bid to fulfill one of the company’s core missions.

This mission is to help transition the construction industry from a slow, labor intensive process to something more efficient charaterictised by speed, safety, and quality. On top of this we had to ensure Cem-Rock was a green product something that wouldn’t cause damage to the envoirment in the current epidemic. What resulted from this, after countless years of research, development and testing was Cem-Rock.

Cem-Rock is an eco-friendly, light weight, high strength cement board with safer easier and faster application in comparison to traditional building boards. Cem-Rocks unique formulation gives the board a number of superior attributes allowing builders, DIY’s and Large Development company’s build with confidence. Cem-Rock boasts a wealth of resistant properties including, fire A1, water, mould and mildew.

Greenspan believe Cem-Rock properties will help us achieve our mission and provide a comprehensive solution to a lot of flaws in the construction industry.


Class A1 fire rated

Unlike Plywood, OSB, Drywall or CP boards

Releases water vapour during a fire event, helping to cool and contain the fire

It can achieve up to 4 hour fire ratings

No smoke development

The building board of dreams for fire officers

Strong and durable

Stronger than gypsum boards

Stronger than fibre cement products

Lighter that fibre cement products

Safe to work with

Extremely user friendly

Due to the aforementioned characteristics Cem-Rock® increases a buildings life span

Easy to cut and score

Resistant properties

Impervious to water

Moisture resistant

Dimensionally stable when wet

Structurally stable when wet

Does not feed mildew

Does not rot or mould

Termite resistant

Contains zero foodstuff

Environmentally friendly

Contains no formaldehyde

Contains no fly ash

Contains no toxins

Does not off-gas

Carbon neutral product

Completely recyclable

Captures CO2 during the curing process

Low energy manufacturing process

No carcinogenic dust

Ideal for chemically sensitive people in the home environment


Eco-friendly Magnesium Cement Boards


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Cem-Rock Board

Cem-Rock Board

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Cem-Rock Data Sheet

Cem-Rock Floor Data Sheet

Cem-Rock Floor Brochure

Cem-Rock Brochure

Cem-Rock Brochure