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carbonTRACK is an energy management platform and Internet of Things hub. Our mission is to help people take control of their energy, to use renewable energy sources more effectively, reduce wasted electricity and keep energy bills down. carbonTRACK technology gives users the power to see and control their energy from anywhere using the smartphone app or computer dashboard. Our technology uses smart algorithms to determine the cheapest source of power from solar, grid, or battery storage to run a home, business or other building.

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What is home automation?

What is home automation?


18 Jan 2018

Home automation: Your home on autopilot

Home automation is an integral component of any home energy management system.

What is home automation and what benefits does it deliver?

Home automation is the process of setting devices in the home to work according to a schedule or in otherwise predictable ways. It can be put into action for a variety of reasons (such as home security or energy efficiency) using a range of technologies (such as simple timers or smart plugs).

Although a home energy management system (HEMS) is not strictly necessary to automate a home, it definitely makes the process easier and promises better outcomes than a piecemeal approach. Increasingly affordable, interactive and versatile, HEMS like carbonTRACK are the future of home automation everywhere.

Read the full blog ‘What is Home Automation’ – it covers: Home automation for energy efficiency & energy bill savings; home automation for security and convenience; and the benefits of home automation.

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