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Carbon World is a green technology company based in Hong Kong with factories in China, and is committed to solve the waste management problem confronting Hong Kong and the world through its innovative Carbon Coins platform.


Carbon Coins platform offers multiple benefits to different stakeholders:

Government: The government tries every means to alleviate MSW problem and reduce carbon emission for enabling a better living environment for the smart city.  With separation at source as an objective, the general public is encouraged to take part in this citywide incentive-based recycling program with a goal to educate them about the waste composition and processing issues.

Consumers: The recycling consumer has a convenient and trustworthy method to recycle their used beverage containers and other recyclables.  They get a comfortable feeling knowing that they are participating in an environmentally friendly program as well as the incentive for returning their used beverage containers.

Retailers: Managing the logistics for returned containers for beverages is no easy task.  First, it is about the sanitation problems associated with storing empty containers in open storage bins.  Second, empty containers have to be manually accepted and sorted by store personnel.  Third, the issuance of rewards or coupons have to rely on manned labor which is not reliable and convenient.

Bottlers: Collecting the empty containers from the retailers can be accomplished more effectively through in-house and independent subcontractors (often a beverage distributor type operation).  The deposit accounting system provides each bottler with an accounting of how many of their containers were redeemed, and is also reimbursed for the scrap value of those containers.

Sponsors: Through the SGS accreditation program, corporate sponsors can obtain sponsorship statement  or certificate so as to endorse their support to protect the environment.  This can be a CSR benchmark being an eco-friendly organization for the annual ESG report required for public listed companies.    For brand owners who can join the network of affiliated merchants, they can either sponsor reward items for consumer redemption or even co-brand with us to exchange their loyalty points with our green coins.

Certification Bodies: The proprietary CO2 conversion algorithm is administered by SGS which is subject to modification on an annual basis.  Based on the current scheme, every qualified returned beverage bottle with corresponding CO2 weight (ton) will be counted according to the barcode attached to it. The barcode data collected from supermarkets or GS1 so as to make sure all prevailing beverage bottles will be included in the machines.



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