Carbon Friendly Enterprises

Renewable Energy and Energy Management

CFE is setting a new standard in quality engineering installations while creating an opportunity for land, water and environmental reconciliation through renewable energy, solar generation and certified energy engineering best practice!


We firmly believe that the water, the air, the land and the environment provide us with life by nourishing and sustaining us. Therefore it is vital that we collectively work together to ensure and improve the quality of these life-giving elements for the future generations of all Australians.

At Carbon Friendly Enterprises we have set an unparalleled standard in sustainable renewable energy operations and energy efficient systems to reduce, reuse, renew, reuse and recycle waste into Energy. Let us help you meet your Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP), Reconciliation Action Plan, or Solar, Renewable Energy and Energy Management requirements. CFE can be found as a Certified member of both Supply Nation and Black Business Finder as well as being registered on the Industry Connection Network (ICN). 

Increasingly the government and the private sector are seeking to purchase goods and services from Australian Owned businesses in order to capacity build within our own communities as each dollar invested into and circulated within our communities saves the government up to $8 according to a recent report. This is good for Australian businesses and good for Australian industry by integrating and introducing locally owned and operated businesses into the private sector and government supply chains to make a real difference.


Renewable Energy and Energy Management



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