Carbon Clean

Co2 Capture Technology

Carbon Clean was founded in 2009, as the growth rate of atmospheric carbon was starting to soar. Within a decade, the Earth's CO2 levels reached their highest point in 3 million years.

Headquartered in London, Carbon Clean has offices in India, Spain and the United States. As of summer 2020, we have removed nearly 809,000 metric tonnes of carbon from our 38 facilities across the globe. Our work is founded on the belief that achieving net zero isn’t a pipe dream, it’s an imperative. But it will take far more than a focus on renewables.

Key industries can and should play a significant role in global carbon reduction. We provide all the services needed to achieve net zero, including technology licence and solvent supply, a full process design package (PDP) and proprietary equipment, and end-to-end systems — including design, build, financing and operation.


Co2 Capture Technology


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