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Prefabricated solid wood buildings

"Wood a durable and versatile building material" If used correctly, wood is a superior building material. Much more durable and versatile than many would expect. Some of the most outstanding features of cross-laminated timber are, better fire safety than regular stick frames, concrete or brick - 3 to 5 times higher resistance to heat, and excellent sound-proofing thanks to multiple layers of wood, reaching Rw=63dB. Another feature is its natural breathability and airtightness, a result of woods natural quality to shrink and expand in response to temperature

Back to purity, back to simplicity” Holz100 is a technology of construction, employing the use of prefabricated solid wood elements of the highest quality. Developed in Austria in the late XX century, has been slowly gaining reputation as an eco-friendly, natural and sustainable construction material for the past 25 years. Initially faced with scepticism from the industry, Holz100 structures have proven that traditional woodwork techniques and solid untreated wood, are not only as functional as contemporary building solutions, but with the aid of modern analysis techniques, they have been found to be equally or better and more effective, then many other materials available on the market today.


Prefabricated solid wood buildings


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