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Eco Friendly Food Packaging

For over 15 years we have supplied the catering industry in Ireland with a wide range of products including branded labels, food safety labels, own design labels & branded and unbranded biodegradable food packaging.

Our free on loan software, Label Logic, is the easiest and most effective method to create great looking labels and instant branding. Make sure your customers know where their food is coming from with our simple but effective program that enables you to label products quickly, efficiently with style, whilst complying with legislation.

Our extensive food packaging product range comes in all shapes, sizes and package materials and is suitable for any function or food service business.


Biodegradable Packaging & Catering Disposable Packaging

We are a recognised market leader in the supply of biodegradable packaging and catering disposables.

Made from natural, annually renewable plants like corn, sugarcane, and potatoes, our range of 100% compostable packaging can turn to compost in just 12 weeks after use.

All our food catering supplies can be personalised, and we also offer a complete design service for single product or total concept.

We aim to comply with all of our customers' needs through constant development and innovation.

Our goal is always to create a bespoke quality packaging solution that not only helps to make food and drink look and taste their best, protecting flavour and quality but that also perfectly reflects our client's brand.

Let us use our knowledge and experience to find the best packaging options for your business, transforming your packaging into the perfect marketing tool and your brand ambassador.


Eco Friendly Food Packaging


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